Ghost, AKA ‘Snuggle Buns’

Started Agility January 2019, White Swiss Shepherd, Age 3
About Me
Meet Ghost, AKA Snuggle Buns (but don’t tell anyone!).

Big boy Ghost is a loveable goofball with an infectious smile that’ll melt anyone’s heart. A true agility tunnel enthusiast from day one, Ghost is counting down the days until he gets to take one of our new large rainbow coloured tunnels for a test drive. In the meantime, he’s working his hardest on his heel-to-drop start line lead outs, and on managing his excitement at competitions.

When he’s not impressing us with his agility moves, we have to admit we can hardly keep up with his adventures, as he lives his absolute best life with his handler. Whether exploring mountains, the sea or in the snow, Ghost is always on the move, and we love watching him at his crazy best! We also reckon he’s one of the most well-rounded members of our team– somehow making time for scentwork, obedience (yuck ;)), visiting with hospital patients, and most recently, snagging an impromptu starring role in a Bollywood Hip Hop video. Yes– a music video!

It should come as no surprise you’ll sometimes find this goofball snoozing contently on his back with his legs wide open. You can rest assured he’s more than earned the time off! With his gorgeous personality, his loveable clown moves, and his dedication to being the absolute best doggo he can be, we can’t help but love Ghost.

We just can’t wait to see what he does next!

  • Favourite Treat: Salmon (or a fresh slab of beef!)
  • Favourite Toy: His Kong Frisbee
  • Best Trick: Walking between his handler’s legs — in all directions!
  • Secret Talent: Known to find injured birds on the beach