Dog of the Month

We’re lucky to have an amazing number of dogs– of all shapes and sizes– train with us at all different levels. Each month, we like to highlight one of our favourites…

Click each picture below to view each dogs individual profile, including some awesome fun facts. We hope you’ll enjoy meeting the team!

Bob, AKA ‘Bob’s your Uncle’

Bob, AKA ‘Bob’s your Uncle’

June 2021
Started Agility February 2015, Border x Fox Terrier, Age 9
About Me
Meet Bob, AKA Bob’s Your Uncle.

Undoubtedly adorable, and one of the scruffiest members of the team, at 9 years old, Bob is one of our gorgeous agility vetrans. He may look unassuming and cute (those eyebrows!), but we’ve heard he can sometimes be a demanding wee chap. All we know is that he absolutely shines in his agility element!

Like so many of our dogs, his favorite obstacle is the tunnel, while his biggest challenge is keeping that little nose out of the grass, and nailing those tricky weaves in competition. His proudest achievement to date is a solid 2nd Place Champ Show finish in Starters, but what we really want to see more of, is his secret talent in action– a well executed commando crawl…

Bob’s handler discovered agility watching Tux Wonder Dogs as a kid, and he couldn’t be luckier, as it combines his many great loves– meaty treats, quality time with his favourite person, and plenty of time with his Hol-EE Roller ball. It also helps him enjoy his other loves– napping stretched out on his side in the sun, curling up at the end of the bed at the end of a hard day (because, let’s face it, for a dog, every day is a hard day!).

We love you Bob and are so excited to celebrate YOU. Thank you for being part of the sparkle that helps make our CCATS family truly shine.

  • Secret Talent: Crawling on his tummy
  • Agility Goal: Nailing those weaves
  • Favourite Toy: His Hol-EE Roller Ball
  • Grace, AKA ‘Deamonte Believe in the Stars’

    Grace, AKA ‘Deamonte Believe in the Stars’

    May 2021

    Started Agility February 2019, Shetland Sheepdog, Age 5




    About Me
    With the speed and moves to match her superhero alter ego, Grace launched herself into Intermediate at a recent CCOC show, and is now looking forward to smashing her favorite obstacle, the seesaw, on course. Known for her beauty and for officially ‘gracing’– yes, we went there– the 2018 Christmas Cover of New Zealand Dog World, it’s hard to believe Grace is a failed show dog.

    A bit of a princess, and the perfect lady, it may come as no surprise she is not interested in the very least in toys (thank you very much), and her favourite foods include a good steak with a side of sliced chicken hearts. We couldn’t be happier she didn’t quite cut it in show business, as with the help of her super dedicated handler, she’s quickly becoming an agility standout, and a much adored member of the CCATS team (and, as we learned at our Halloween party, the only member we know of with a secret identity!).

    You’ll spot her off course wearing pink, showing off her favorite trick (a twirl of course), or napping in her favorite place – her humans’ bed. Just remember to guard those treats, as an unguarded treat may prompt a transformation into a laser-focused snapping turtle… not that anyone would believe it! We love you Grace!

  • Proudest Moment: Graduating into Intermediate
  • Favourite Treat: Chicken Hearts
  • Agility Goal: Achieve an AD Title
  • Louie, AKA ‘Oh Louie!!’

    Louie, AKA ‘Oh Louie!!’

    April 2021

    Started Agility 6 Months Ago, Wheaten Terrier X Poodle, Age 4



    & Knows it

    About Me
    Meet Louie, AKA Ohhhh Louie!!!

    Louie is a new ‘CAT‘ (Canine Agility Trainee) on the block, who competed in his first Ribbon Trial on March 27. He also wowed us all at our club agility display at the South New Brighton school fair with his great focus, even while the barbecue sizzled away.

    Louie is a VERY sociable chap, who may look small, but secretly wants you to know he is in fact both the cutest, and the BIGGEST dog at the park. We’ve been told wee Louie is known for misbehaving at the worst possible moment… but with that scruffy face… who’d believe it? One things for sure– he’s always having the most fun! Louie’s human reckons agility is the best way to bond with your dog, and Louie is working hard to stay focused on course and to learn the weaves with the assistance of cheese, glorious cheese.

    His favorite napping position is on his back with his feet in the air (did we say cute?). His best trick is a vertical take off (bet you’d like to see that), and when he’s not making friends or doing agility, his favorite place is the hidey hole under the stairs– which sounds like a fantastic place to decompress after a big day bonding with his human and munching on cheese. We’re so lucky to have Louie as part of the CCATS family!

  • Favourite Obstacle: Jumps
  • Agility Goal: Nailing those weaves!
  • Favourite Toy: His trusty rubber ball
  • Baz, AKA Mr. BoomBaztic

    Baz, AKA Mr. BoomBaztic

    March 2021

    Started Agility 2017, Huntaway/Collie/Beardie, Age 4 1/2




    About Me
    Meet Baz, AKA Mr. BoomBaztic (also known as Bazil— but if you hear him called that, you know someone’s in trouble)!

    Baz is the big man on campus (literally) with a voice to match. Surprisingly though, if he wants to get your attention at home, you’re most likely to catch him sending you little yawns, or moving his lips/mouth so it looks like he is talking.

    His favorite place is anywhere he can swim and show off his best trick, shaking off water on demand– we wonder how many friends have had a surprise shower with that one! When he’s not collecting jumpers and agility ribbons, he’s herding all us ‘CCATS’.

    Lucky for Baz, and for us, his human is pretty special and has harnessed all that awesomeness and enthusiasm into dog agility (she assures us he’s quiet at home and in the car, uh huh). Most recently, Baz blew us away with a pair of beautiful first place finishes in Starters and Jumpers B at the February CCOC Champ show! We love ya Baz!

  • Biggest Accomplishment: Nailing the weaves in a course
  • Favourite Food: Mighty Mix
  • Known For: His loud voice
  • Favourite Obstacle: Tunnel
  • Squid, AKA Little Miss Squid

    Squid, AKA Little Miss Squid

    February 2021

    Started Agility 2018, Pug, Age 4




    About Me
    Meet Squid! Little Miss Squid of Pug City (aka ‘Wee Chonk‘) will steal your heart as quick as she’ll pick your pockets. She states her mind, makes the most intriguing noises (you can’t mistake those grunts and sneezes!), and is a total smooch– and here at CCATS she is also our unofficial fancy dress queen! She recently nailed her Champ Show debut, going clear on her 1st and 2nd runs… but her handler is most proud of Squid’s speedy weaves, and a clear 2nd place finish in Elementary B at a local Ribbon Trial.

    When she’s not doing agility, you’ll find her showing off her mad trick skills, teetering on the back of the lazy boy for a cheeky snooze, or running riot at Grandma’s house without consequence. “Kisses” is her best trick, but we love her ‘hoop’ jumping through arms and legs! She likes to eat red pom poms and tissues, but any food will do. So, zip your pockets, say ‘Hi’ and ask for a cuddle of her fine soft fur, you’ll be glad you did– you may even be rewarded with a full body wiggle.

  • Biggest Accomplishment: A 2nd place finish in Elem. B at a Ribbon Trial
  • Favourite Agility Obstacle: Jumps
  • Biggest Challenge: Working on those very tempting back jumps!
  • Secret Talent: Stealing tissues out of unsuspecting people’s pockets