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19th Jun


Pet Expo 2019

Yay! It’s time again for the pet expo
We have loaded our gear and off we go
The dogs are amped, they can sense the fun
The ring is set, ready, sit, run
Some they bark to attract the crowd
Others show off to make us proud
Jumps, tunnels, tricks and more
Follow the course one, two, three, four
The spectators cheer and make lots of noise
The dogs show off, they weave with poise
We give out pamphlets, agility is fun
2019 pet expo it is nearly done
If you’ve had a blast please raise a paw
The clapping tells us the crowd wants more
But our time is up, end of display
If you like what you saw just let me say
Come join us,have a blast and if you thought
I could do that, what a great sport
Look us up, there’s a club near you
And I bet your dog will love it too!

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