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13th Jan


February 2019 intro class

Next introductory class starts Wed 13th February 2019 from 7pm to 7:45pm


Your precious fur baby loves working with you.

Make sure you get signed up as there are limited placed in this class.


If you’re interested in joining this class, now is a good time to get up to speed on your recall training and get your dog fit in time for 13th February 😉


Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more info


Then sign up!

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Anita Beukenholdt

2019-01-16 13:29:28 Reply

I am very interested in bringing KOKO to this intro class to see if this would something stimulating for him .



    2019-01-16 17:39:44 Reply

    Hi Anita & KOKO

    Please fill out form in new Members and Nicky will send you an info pack

    Look forward to see you on 13FEB.


Jacqui hardy

2019-02-03 21:27:35 Reply

Hi am interested in starting agility with my dog Logan i know you havd a beginners class on 13 feb, he is about to be neutered so will be resting at that time when will be your next starting class. Costs etc would be good too.
Thank you


    2019-02-06 09:46:11 Reply

    please fill out our new members form and Nicky will be in contact


2019-02-12 21:39:02 Reply

Hi Leanah, I am bringing Shadow along tomorrow, to start the intro class. I have let Nicky know. We missed you and Bob at Ashburton…..but it was very very hot. Gayle


2019-02-20 17:00:15 Reply

Hi Im booked in for tonight, I assume i come around 630pm for the 7pm intro class?

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