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LINK Competition

The National Agility Link Association (NALA) Link Competition is a monthly competition held at clubs around New Zealand. (Please see the main Competitions and Events page and the Introduction to Competing for more details.)

Clubs throughout New Zealand run the designated Link course every month but January, with the competition year starting in April. CCATS runs the competition on the second Monday of the month at 6:30 PM — please come early to help set up! All members are welcome to run the course but only those who have joined NALA can have their results officially recorded. Results are usually posted on NALA’s website after the 4th of the following month.

Check your individual monthly or annual results! (opens in a new window).

Click here for the Nala Membership Form which can be used for joining any month of the year – fees are prorated for members joining after July.

Link course layouts are printed in the monthly circular, which is now available to registered members at NALA’s website (you will need to login to the NALA website to access these files) or the layouts can be downloaded by themselves from the NALA’s website download section.