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Intro to Competing

An Introduction to Agility Competitions

Types of Events
Dog Height
Standard Agility/Jumpers Classes (for ribbon and championship events)
Special Classes (not offered at all events)
Helping at Shows
  • Call Steward – stands near the start line with a list of competitors in running order, and ensures that competitors are present and ready when their turn arrives.
  • Jump Steward – stands at the outside of the ring and replaces bars knocked off the hurdles.
  • Lead Runner – carries the dog’s lead from start to finish line so that handlers can reattach the lead at the end of the run.
  • Show Manager – responsible for overall running of the day’s events, ensuring helpers are assigned to the various tasks, and the show runs smoothly.
  • Show Secretary – takes entries, enters results into database, prints results and clear round certificates.

Each competitor is responsible for announcing themselves to the call steward, making sure that the scribe knows their number before starting the run, and confirming that both the scribe and judge have signalled that they may begin the run.