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Upcoming CATs Show
04th Jun 2019
2019 April Ribbon Trial

Saturday 6th April 2019 Mairehau High School Running Order Ring 1 – Judge: Misha Baxter Senior, Intermediate, Novice, Starters Ring 2 – Judge: Emily Tighe EA, EB, EC, JC, JB, JA Entries from: 8.30 am Judging commences: 9.00 am ...

16th Mar 2019
2019 March Ribbon Trial

Running Order:   Ring 1 – Judge: Isobel Syme Senior, Intermediate, Novice, Starters   Ring 2 – Judge: Tim Conolly Elementary A, Elementary B, Elementary C, Jumpers C, Jumpers B, JumpersA   ...

26th Jan 2019
2019 January Jumpers Show – New Jump Height

Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th of January 2019 Entries close 19 December * Judging Order Saturday ring one: C1, B1, A1, B3, C3 Saturday ring two: ADXA, A2, B2, C2, A3 Sunday ring one: B5, C5, A5, C6 Sunday ring two: A4, B4, C4, B6, A6 ...

03rd Nov 2018
2018 November Championship Show

Championship Agility Event (2) Championship Jumpers Event (2) AD Class and JDT Classes Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of November 2018 Mairehau High School Entries close 04 October Running Order: Saturday Ring 1: AD, Sen1, Int1, Nov1 Ring ...

06th Oct 2018
2018 October Ribbon Trial

Ribbon Trial Saturday 6th October 2018 Mairehau High School Running Order: Ring 1: Senior, Intermediate, Novice, Starters Ring 2: Elem A, Elem B, Jps C, Jps B, Jps A Entries from: 8.30 am Judging commences: 9.00 am Judges: Jess Tansey: ...