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Competitions and Events

In addition to our regular training classes, CCATS hosts four types of agility events at our training grounds:

Ribbon trials

Ribbon trials are open to all people and include courses designed for skill levels ranging from beginning handlers & dogs (Elementary class) to experts (Senior class). Prizes – a ribbon is  given to the top dogs in each class. Clear-round certificates are also issued to all those who complete a course without errors and within the designated course time.

Championship events (including AD/ADX Advanced trials)

Championship events are open to people and dogs who have joined DogNZ previously called NZ Kennel Club (NZKC). Dogs and handlers compete according to skill level from Starters to Senior agility class or Jumpers C -A classes. Cash and product prizes are awarded to the top dog/handler teams in each class. Clear-round certificates are also issued to all those who complete a course in time and without errors.

Link competitions

Link competitions are special monthly events in which members of clubs around the country run the same course at their own club grounds. All CCATS members are welcome to compete, but only those who have joined the National Agility Link Association (NALA) will have their scores recorded for comparison with people and clubs across the country.

Results are posted on NALA’s website and in its monthly bulletin. See our Link Competition page for the layout of this month’s course and for a direct link to CCATS results. Awards are given to best club and best 50 dogs each year. (Ribbons usually go to top 10% of dogs who ran 8 or more times during the Link year.)

Junior Dog Training (JDT)

The Junoir Dog Training (JDT) is for youngsters aged up to 20 years old who either own or just enjoy being around dogs. JDT agility competitions are usually organized as part of  standard and Link agility competitions.

We also encourage members to participate in events sponsored by other agility clubs. An official list of agility events throughout New Zealand can be found at the website of the DogsNZ Agility Committee.

Special Events

Our club also holds or participates in special events from time to time, including exhibitions, demonstrations, and holiday parties…