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Agility Training Classes

Classes are run between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday’s.

All members of each class needs to come early to help set up.

Click on the below headings for more information on each class.

Introductory Class: Wednesday from 6:45pm - 7.30pm (set up from 6.30pm)
People with dogs from 12 months can join our introductory classes where they work on building a fun/working relationship with their dog. They are introduced to the foundation aspects of agility and control. The hurdles are low and the dogs experience tunnels, hoops, long jump and have fun on the wobble board and ladder!
The dogs are required to have a basic level of domestic control. This is an 8 week class and booking is essential as this class is very much in demand.
Handlers set up equipment from 6.30pm.

If you have any questions please check out our Frequently Asked Questions page – it will answer a few of them!

Instructor: Judy Lawn

Skills Class: Wednesday from 6.45pm - 7.30pm (set up from 6.30pm)
In our skills class dogs (over 16 months) and handlers work to extend the skills learnt in the Introductory class. Obstacles such as jumps, weave-poles, and contacts equipment are introduced together with agility commands and body language skills. On alternate weeks we provide modified courses for you to experience agility and develop your handling skills. Instructors will assist you so you can work at your own pace but practice at home is essential.
Within this class those handlers who have mastered the weaves and contacts are extended on more advanced courses and the dogs work on the full range of agility equipment. These handlers are encouraged to participate in elementary and jumpers ribbon trial competitions.
Handlers stay in this class until they achieve a level of skill and can graduate up to the Competitive level.
Exercise/warm up dogs 6.30pm
Competitive Class: Wednesday from 7.30pm - 8.30pm (set up from 7:20pm)
At this level dogs are ready to compete in the starters/novice level. The classes are split into groups according to the competitive ability of the dogs. Instructors set up a different course each week with an additional training module to the side.

In addition each month handlers participate in the National Link competition. Handlers support and encourage each other building up a real club spirit that is seen at the shows.
Set up from 6:30pm

Show Class: Monday from 6:30 - 8pm (during show season)
Our informal Show class prepares and hones the skills of competing dogs and handlers. It is designed for those dogs who are currently competing in any level at championship events. There is no official instructor and handlers work together to critique and encourage one another. Handlers are able to set up sequences from recent shows or short modules containing challenges/equipment they would like to master.
Excluding the last Monday of the month, which is our CCATS committee meeting night.

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Learning agility is a wonderful way to bond with your dog while having fun, getting some exercise (for you and your dog), engaging your dog’s mind, and socializing with like-minded people and canines. We are an agility-only club and, what’s more, we’ve been doing it for over twenty years! We have the right resources, the right people to take care of you and your dog’s agility needs. Our goal is to make agility training fun for both you and your dog and to provide the training in a positive and relaxed atmosphere.

So whether you want to learn to compete in shows or you’d simply like to challenge yourself and your dog in a fun sport, contact us find out how to join!

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