Tui, AKA ‘Princess Paws’

Started Agility February 2022, Smooth Fox Terrier, Age 22 months
About Me
Meet Tui, AKA ‘Princess Paws’, our August Dog of the Month.

One of the newest members in our CCATS family, Tui has made a splash – though you won’t find those ‘princess paws’ in a puddle – with enthusiasm and athleticism.

Tui couldn’t wait to start agility with her active and trainable human and has been enjoying the fun and challenge ever since. She’s known for completing a tunnel by running the full length along the top and is proud of herself for nailing those tricky weaves in six weeks! Her next goal is that first agility ribbon to hang above her bed – awwwwww. Look out for her chasing that ribbon down at the upcoming trials – we guarantee a great watch.

When she’s not doing agility, you might find her doing the laundry – yes, you read that right – she does laundry! Her best trick is carrying worn clothing to the laundry – WOW! And, she loves playing with socks from the washing basket. Hey, Tui – you wanna come to our place?

Tui has recently graduated to being on the couch with her humans. It has taken 18 months of persistent smooching of mum. Dad was a push over! You could also find her stretched out very close in front of the fire, playing with the big dogs, looking out the window for the neighbour’s cat to appear… in other words actively pursuing a great work/life balance. For example, she’ll let her humans know, by barking, when they are slow to take her somewhere – like our place to do the laundry (laugh emoji). She is also an accomplished multi-tasker, able to walk and howl at emergency services simultaneously.

Sorry dogs, Tui is in a long-term relationship with another Foxy, the handsome Bodhi-boy. Whilst both neutered, their humans are still looking for an Immaculate Conception.

We’ve got a few foodies at Team CCATS and Tui is no exception. Her favourite food is what you’re having – if that is not forthcoming – a piece of wood will do.

We CCATS have been enjoying getting to know Tui and now you can too!

  • Favourite Obstacle: Tunnels
  • Best Trick: Trick: Picking up worn closes and taking them to the laundry
  • Favourite Treat: Cheese!
  • Secret Talent: Can walk on her hind legs