Teddy, AKA ‘Rahkantra on the hop’

Started agility in 2020, Breed: Swedish Vallhund, Age: Nearly 3
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Meet Teddy AKA ‘Rahkantra on the hop’, our November Dog of the Month.

While they may have said back in the day that children should be seen and not heard – that is not what you get with Teddy. Teddy will always be heard before you see him running the course. He’s a little dog with a huge bark, telling you just how excited he is to be doing agility and his favourite obstacle – the Aframe. We also wonder if he may occasionally be offering his handler instructions or saying ‘Hey guys look at me and my shiny 3rd Place ribbons…that was just my debut… I’m going to make that a 1st soon!!’ – it’s a shame we can’t know for sure.

What we do know for sure, however, is this Swedish Vallhund is smart, assertive and determined to do well. Driven by a love of food and his favourite toy ball, we are sure he will find success at those EVIL weave poles – that he and others find most challenging – to reach his biggest goal of one day competing in Senior agility.

When he is not doing agility, you will find him splooting on the couch or practicing his secret talent – knowing exactly when his other mum is about to return home. Yes, Teddy is lucky enough to have two mums, and apparently has a favourite; We’ll leave you to work out who that is.

Using that active brain and bonding with his handler mum brought Teddy to CCATS, continuing his breed’s long association with agility. We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing Teddy smashing his goals – and telling us all about it.

  • Best Trick: Fist pump
  • Favourite Treat: ALL FOOD!! (except egg, egg is gross!)
  • Little-known Fact: Vallhunds were one of the first agility dogs to compete in NZ