Started agility age 20 months, Breed: German Shepherd Dog (GSD), Age: 2.5 years
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Meet Ruger, formally known as Canelupo Enzo, our June/July dog of the month!

Ruger started agility a few months ago and he loves it! You can spot his large grin at training and running courses from the other side of the field. His favourite agility obstacle is the tunnel and he and his teammate are enjoying learning agility skills – who knew there was so much to learn?? And there is always something new 😉

Ruger has recently shown off his skills at ribbon trial level and his biggest accomplishment so far is a clear round in Jumpers C. His goal is to keep getting better (which he is smashing by the way) and with the help of some venison treats and his favourite orange bouncy ball with rope attached – we know he will succeed. Living far away from training and competition can be challenging as can going slow enough to get things right, and we are impressed by Ruger and his handler’s efforts.

When he’s not doing agility, you’ll find him curdled up near his humans in the lounge, adventuring with his kid sister Billie (also a GSD) or at his favourite place the lake for a swim. He’s also a keen deer stalker and regularly hunts deer with his human. We hear he signals when one is nearby and is excellent at tracking and finding wounded deer.

Ruger’s human chose to do agility because it looked like good fun and a new sport to try out and get some exercise. We are so glad she did and is now a part of our CCATS family.

  • Best Trick: Take a bow
  • Favourite Food: The cat’s food!!
  • Known for: Vocalising his presence