Maisy, AKA “Mayzoozles”

Started agility age 2, Breed: Schnoodle, Age: 5 years
About Me
Our Dog of the Month for December/January is Maisy (AKA Mayzoozles or Maisy Pup), a 5-year-old Schnoodle. And to save you looking that up, a Schnoodle is a Schnauzer X Poodle.

Maisy started her agility journey back in 2019, falling in love with it after the intro class. Since then, she has gained proud accomplishments such as winning a Jumpers B heat at the 2022 Nationals (NZDAC) and coming 2nd in her height in the Jumpers B finals – just to name a few!

Before she started her agility career, she aced all of her Puppy and Adolescent classes, and looking for another training endeavour, agility was the next thing to master; she was clearly going to be a high achiever in whatever she emBARKed on. her favourite obstacle, the dog walk, is also her biggest nemesis, with the current goal being to get those paws down in the contact zone, aiming for a 90% hit rate. Not to mention her super secret goal of beating a Borderpap (Border Collie X Papillon) in a Senior agility event based on time alone (no faults). 🤣🤣 In the meantime, she’s racking up Jumpers A challenges, so watch this space as the Master titles start to roll in.

She is often described as clingy, which is why her favourite place is within 2 meters of wherever Dad is, although like most, she does also love to be sprawled out in the sun napping on her side on a nice day.

As well as being known for being fast on the agility field, she may also be known to some as the beautiful face of the 2023 4 Paws Marathon 32km medal, and she ran the entire 32km! (Let’s just skip over the part with the human-shin-high swamp water!)

Finally, even the most dedicated of athletes needs to indulge in some comfort food, and Maisy is no different. With cheese and sausages being her menu – rumour has it that she can eat an entire sausage in 2 bites (no chewing required!) – along with her feline sister’s leftover Succulent Chicken cat food – But I am sure that’s a whole other story.

Thanks team Maisy for being such a big part of our CCATS family!

  • Best Trick: Roll over (but only one way)
  • Favourite Toy: Her oversized agility leash that you’ll see at every show
  • Favourite Treat: Cheese (you must always pay the cheese tax)