Louie, AKA ‘Oh Louie!!’

Started Agility 6 Months Ago, Wheaten Terrier X Poodle, Age 4
& Knows it
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Meet Louie, AKA Ohhhh Louie!!!

Louie is a new ‘CAT‘ (Canine Agility Trainee) on the block, who competed in his first Ribbon Trial on March 27. He also wowed us all at our club agility display at the South New Brighton school fair with his great focus, even while the barbecue sizzled away.

Louie is a VERY sociable chap, who may look small, but secretly wants you to know he is in fact both the cutest, and the BIGGEST dog at the park. We’ve been told wee Louie is known for misbehaving at the worst possible moment… but with that scruffy face… who’d believe it? One things for sure– he’s always having the most fun! Louie’s human reckons agility is the best way to bond with your dog, and Louie is working hard to stay focused on course and to learn the weaves with the assistance of cheese, glorious cheese.

His favorite napping position is on his back with his feet in the air (did we say cute?). His best trick is a vertical take off (bet you’d like to see that), and when he’s not making friends or doing agility, his favorite place is the hidey hole under the stairs– which sounds like a fantastic place to decompress after a big day bonding with his human and munching on cheese. We’re so lucky to have Louie as part of the CCATS family!

  • Favourite Obstacle: Jumps
  • Agility Goal: Nailing those weaves!
  • Favourite Toy: His trusty rubber ball