Grace, AKA ‘Deamonte Believe in the Stars’

Started Agility February 2019, Shetland Sheepdog, Age 5
About Me
With the speed and moves to match her superhero alter ego, Grace launched herself into Intermediate at a recent CCOC show, and is now looking forward to smashing her favorite obstacle, the seesaw, on course. Known for her beauty and for officially ‘gracing’– yes, we went there– the 2018 Christmas Cover of New Zealand Dog World, it’s hard to believe Grace is a failed show dog.

A bit of a princess, and the perfect lady, it may come as no surprise she is not interested in the very least in toys (thank you very much), and her favourite foods include a good steak with a side of sliced chicken hearts. We couldn’t be happier she didn’t quite cut it in show business, as with the help of her super dedicated handler, she’s quickly becoming an agility standout, and a much adored member of the CCATS team (and, as we learned at our Halloween party, the only member we know of with a secret identity!).

You’ll spot her off course wearing pink, showing off her favorite trick (a twirl of course), or napping in her favorite place – her humans’ bed. Just remember to guard those treats, as an unguarded treat may prompt a transformation into a laser-focused snapping turtle… not that anyone would believe it! We love you Grace!

  • Proudest Moment: Graduating into Intermediate
  • Favourite Treat: Chicken Hearts
  • Agility Goal: Achieve an AD Title