Freedom, AKA Fee Fee

Started agility 1 year ago, Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, Age: 2.5 years
About Me
Meet Freedom, a.k.a. Fee Fee, our October dog of the month.

Freedom gave her paw of approval for us to tell you about her love of dog agility and all the fun of being a 2-and-a-half-year-old Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier.

Our smallest club member, Fee Fee has been with us here at CCATS for a year now and has already gained so much confidence in herself, especially with hurdles, which are now her favourite. The weaves have been her biggest challenge so far, and she is looking forward to getting stuck into the See-Saw and A Frame.

Fun Fact – Yorkies like Fee Fee were originally bred from 3 different types of Terrier back in 19th Century England, and weigh no more than 3.175 kg!

When she is not doing agility, Fee Fee is a secret stalker, and loves to stalk her brother. She will use her special look of cuteness to get all her favourite foods and treats of lamb and lamb bones, after which she will settle down for some quality naps on Dad’s lap… the best place to be! Her other favourite place is the beach, where she can really get out and explore.

Freedom’s Mum was always impressed by people who have great control over their dogs using their voice, whether that be for tricks, agility or obedience, and really wanted to be able to get her dog to have that level of attention to voice commands, which lead her to try agility. Lucky for us, now they are hooked and part of our CCATS family.

  • Biggest Agility Goal: See-saw and A-frame
  • Favourite Toy: Monkey (a very small soft teddy)
  • Secret Talent: Stalking her brother and using her cuteness (that look!)