Baz, AKA Mr. BoomBaztic

Started Agility 2017, Huntaway/Collie/Beardie, Age 4 1/2
About Me
Meet Baz, AKA Mr. BoomBaztic (also known as Bazil— but if you hear him called that, you know someone’s in trouble)!

Baz is the big man on campus (literally) with a voice to match. Surprisingly though, if he wants to get your attention at home, you’re most likely to catch him sending you little yawns, or moving his lips/mouth so it looks like he is talking.

His favorite place is anywhere he can swim and show off his best trick, shaking off water on demand– we wonder how many friends have had a surprise shower with that one! When he’s not collecting jumpers and agility ribbons, he’s herding all us ‘CCATS’.

Lucky for Baz, and for us, his human is pretty special and has harnessed all that awesomeness and enthusiasm into dog agility (she assures us he’s quiet at home and in the car, uh huh). Most recently, Baz blew us away with a pair of beautiful first place finishes in Starters and Jumpers B at the February CCOC Champ show! We love ya Baz!

  • Biggest Accomplishment: Nailing the weaves in a course
  • Favourite Food: Mighty Mix
  • Known For: His loud voice
  • Favourite Obstacle: Tunnel