Arnie AKA ‘Arnold!’

Started Agility 2019, Springer Spaniel x Border Collie, Age 4.5
About Me
Meet Arnie, ‘I’ll be back’ Schwarzenegger, our September Dog of the Month, with plus sized paws to match.

Arnie puts the ‘spring’ in Sprollie, and is known for his distinctive vertical jumping style, and for his total devotion to his handler. Dedicated to proofing his foundations, and fuelled by his favourite sausages and possyum snacks, Arnie has recently mastered the art of weaving like a pro. His next goal is learning how to contain those springs, and channel that boundless energy and enthusiasm into those tricky 2on2off contacts!

When he’s not doing agility, he can often be found mastering one of his two his great passions– the art of high jump, and the art of napping– both on the family trampoline. We know one thing’s for certain… he’s always dreaming of his next big bounce!

That’s not to say he’s not a well-rounded fellow! When there is no bouncing to be had, he’s spoilt for choice, with a regular routine that involves walks in the Port Hills; pitching in with important chores like vacuuming yummy (and not so yummy) crumbs off the floor; and, of course, being bossed around by his feline sister Indie.

While we’re still waiting for dog trampolining to be recognized as a competitive sport, we know Arnie is an absolute star. And let’s be honest, as our bounciest, springiest member, there is really no better dog we could think of to help us welcome in the spring than Arnie!

  • Favourite Toy: His Hollee Roller
  • Favourite Obstacle: Jumps– of course!
  • Formal Name: Arnold (But only when he’s been naughty!)
  • Favouruite Food: Roast chicken, steak, and, if he has to settle, bbq’d sausages 😉