Tui, AKA “Tu Tu”

Started agility at 8 weeks old, Breed: Mini Poodle, Age: 7 years
Attention Grabbing
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Introducing Tui (AKA Inchcolm Tui in Flight ADX JD SN ACS NIS or ‘Tu Tu’) our June dog of the month!

Tui is a highly decorated veteran among our dogs. You name a category, and she’s most likely won it – including victories in Starters, Novice, Jumpers C, and even finals at the national level. Tui’s training journey began when she was a mere 8-week-old puppy, arriving at Christchurch Airport. The shrieks that emanated from her could be heard from a distance, and it was at that moment that Sandra realized she was in for a handful with Tui.

After getting through the difficult puppy stages, it was clear that being the highly active and intelligent dog she is, she needed to do agility. The pair have been teaching each other ever since – and once her human teammate realised Tui needed a bit more distance handling – they have been tearing up courses and putting the FUN in funnel 🤣 while working toward their current goal of super speedy 2o2o contacts.

Outside of agility, she loves to play with the tennis ball, and is skilful enough to be able to load the ball launching machine herself – I think we would all like a dog who could play fetch by themselves sometimes! Reportedly, she’s also known for stealing food out of unsuspecting people’s pockets – and we have seen her open and help herself to other’s Treat-n-Train’s – so smart and sneaky! And despite being quite clever and independent, her favourite place is anywhere she can see Mum, or adorably napping in her donut bed.

Tui also practices Scentwork, and this combined with agility has proven particularly useful for strengthening the bond with her and her Mum, making for the amazing team we see each week!

  • Favourite Treat: Sausage
  • Secret Talent: Impressing the kids at school and the pros with her scent work
  • Best Trick: Loading the automatic ball thrower with her favourite toys by herself!