Scout, AKA “Missy Scout”

Started agility age 2, Breed: Australian Cattle Dog, Age: 4 years
About Me
Meet Scout (aka Wee Dog, Dumb Dumb, Missy Scout) our February Dog of the Month!

Scout is a 4-year-old Australian cattle dog, also known as a Blue Heeler, who started agility training just over two years ago.

Scout’s favourite agility obstacle is the one with treats or her beloved noisy, empty, crunchy Just Juice plastic bottle on the other side. After all, nobody works for free! Her biggest agility accomplishment so far is achieving 100% accuracy on her weaves in her most recent competition – including the straight and fast entries she previously found challenging – woohoo! Her next goal is to secure that second Jumpers C win to move up to the more challenging Jumpers B level and to continue working on unleashing her inner speed demon. Scout prefers accuracy over speed any day of the week, or so we’re told, and she’s always ready to demonstrate a trick or two.

When she’s not practising agility, she’s at her favourite place: the horse paddock. There, she enjoys herding her horse (or rather, running alongside her human as she rides), which she does with great enthusiasm every day, as if it’s the best day ever. She’s also known to nap on her back with all four legs stretched in various directions. Or she might be found weight training with a massive stick – another favourite pastime of hers. If it’s too big to pick up, it’s just the right size for her.

This clever girl likes the sound of her voice and knows her words. She can retrieve nearly all her toys by name – how clever is that! And she knows a trick or two and will be happy to show you. Scout’s human thought agility would be the perfect outlet for her intelligence and energy – a smart move indeed – and says they have met some pretty cool people through agility. They have a lot of fun too.

  • Favourite Treat: What her human has, but cheese, always cheese
  • Secret Talent: ‘Herding’ her human’s horse while the human rides
  • Best Trick: Sit pretty, and we reckon her ‘bang-bang’ drop dead is a pretty class act too

Maisy, AKA “Mayzoozles”

Started agility age 2, Breed: Schnoodle, Age: 5 years
About Me
Our Dog of the Month for December/January is Maisy (AKA Mayzoozles or Maisy Pup), a 5-year-old Schnoodle. And to save you looking that up, a Schnoodle is a Schnauzer X Poodle.

Maisy started her agility journey back in 2019, falling in love with it after the intro class. Since then, she has gained proud accomplishments such as winning a Jumpers B heat at the 2022 Nationals (NZDAC) and coming 2nd in her height in the Jumpers B finals – just to name a few!

Before she started her agility career, she aced all of her Puppy and Adolescent classes, and looking for another training endeavour, agility was the next thing to master; she was clearly going to be a high achiever in whatever she emBARKed on. her favourite obstacle, the dog walk, is also her biggest nemesis, with the current goal being to get those paws down in the contact zone, aiming for a 90% hit rate. Not to mention her super secret goal of beating a Borderpap (Border Collie X Papillon) in a Senior agility event based on time alone (no faults). 🤣🤣 In the meantime, she’s racking up Jumpers A challenges, so watch this space as the Master titles start to roll in.

She is often described as clingy, which is why her favourite place is within 2 meters of wherever Dad is, although like most, she does also love to be sprawled out in the sun napping on her side on a nice day.

As well as being known for being fast on the agility field, she may also be known to some as the beautiful face of the 2023 4 Paws Marathon 32km medal, and she ran the entire 32km! (Let’s just skip over the part with the human-shin-high swamp water!)

Finally, even the most dedicated of athletes needs to indulge in some comfort food, and Maisy is no different. With cheese and sausages being her menu – rumour has it that she can eat an entire sausage in 2 bites (no chewing required!) – along with her feline sister’s leftover Succulent Chicken cat food – But I am sure that’s a whole other story.

Thanks team Maisy for being such a big part of our CCATS family!

  • Best Trick: Roll over (but only one way)
  • Favourite Toy: Her oversized agility leash that you’ll see at every show
  • Favourite Treat: Cheese (you must always pay the cheese tax)

Freedom, AKA Fee Fee

Started agility 1 year ago, Breed: Yorkshire Terrier, Age: 2.5 years
About Me
Meet Freedom, a.k.a. Fee Fee, our October dog of the month.

Freedom gave her paw of approval for us to tell you about her love of dog agility and all the fun of being a 2-and-a-half-year-old Yorkie, or Yorkshire Terrier.

Our smallest club member, Fee Fee has been with us here at CCATS for a year now and has already gained so much confidence in herself, especially with hurdles, which are now her favourite. The weaves have been her biggest challenge so far, and she is looking forward to getting stuck into the See-Saw and A Frame.

Fun Fact – Yorkies like Fee Fee were originally bred from 3 different types of Terrier back in 19th Century England, and weigh no more than 3.175 kg!

When she is not doing agility, Fee Fee is a secret stalker, and loves to stalk her brother. She will use her special look of cuteness to get all her favourite foods and treats of lamb and lamb bones, after which she will settle down for some quality naps on Dad’s lap… the best place to be! Her other favourite place is the beach, where she can really get out and explore.

Freedom’s Mum was always impressed by people who have great control over their dogs using their voice, whether that be for tricks, agility or obedience, and really wanted to be able to get her dog to have that level of attention to voice commands, which lead her to try agility. Lucky for us, now they are hooked and part of our CCATS family.

  • Biggest Agility Goal: See-saw and A-frame
  • Favourite Toy: Monkey (a very small soft teddy)
  • Secret Talent: Stalking her brother and using her cuteness (that look!)

Rae, AKA “Rae Rae”

Started competing at 18 months old, Breed: Working Dog, Age: 2.5 years
Toy Obsessed
About Me
Introducing our July/August dog of the month, the lovely Rae.

Rae The Last Jedi (otherwise known as Rae Rae) is two and a half years old and this intelligent and agile working dog’s first competition was a year ago where she placed both 1st and 2nd – WOW!

She’s known for being super speedy on the agility course, and her favourite obstacle to complete is the Dog Walk. She is still working on slowing down to do the weaves and with the same dedication she put toward learning her contacts, we know she will be nailing that in no time.\

Outside of agility she absolutely loves the beach, to the point at which she will squeal with excitement! If that doesn’t show how much she loves it, I don’t know what does.
Rae’s secret talent is talking (in her own way) to all the people and dogs in her life that she loves, and when she isn’t doing that, she is playing with all her toys. Rae loves toys, and any toy for that matter, she is crazy for them!
After a long day of beach walks, playing with toys, and ‘talking’ to her dog friends you will find her curled up in a ball on her chair sleeping.

Inspired by her mother to get a dog of her own to do agility, Rae’s handler “has waited a long time for this dog” and really wants to make her a Champion!

  • Best Trick: Kiss
  • Favourite Rewards: ANY TOY, sometimes food, avoids being patted
  • Secret Talent: Talking to all the dogs and people in her life

Tui, AKA “Tu Tu”

Started agility at 8 weeks old, Breed: Mini Poodle, Age: 7 years
Attention Grabbing
About Me
Introducing Tui (AKA Inchcolm Tui in Flight ADX JD SN ACS NIS or ‘Tu Tu’) our June dog of the month!

Tui is a highly decorated veteran among our dogs. You name a category, and she’s most likely won it – including victories in Starters, Novice, Jumpers C, and even finals at the national level. Tui’s training journey began when she was a mere 8-week-old puppy, arriving at Christchurch Airport. The shrieks that emanated from her could be heard from a distance, and it was at that moment that Sandra realized she was in for a handful with Tui.

After getting through the difficult puppy stages, it was clear that being the highly active and intelligent dog she is, she needed to do agility. The pair have been teaching each other ever since – and once her human teammate realised Tui needed a bit more distance handling – they have been tearing up courses and putting the FUN in funnel 🤣 while working toward their current goal of super speedy 2o2o contacts.

Outside of agility, she loves to play with the tennis ball, and is skilful enough to be able to load the ball launching machine herself – I think we would all like a dog who could play fetch by themselves sometimes! Reportedly, she’s also known for stealing food out of unsuspecting people’s pockets – and we have seen her open and help herself to other’s Treat-n-Train’s – so smart and sneaky! And despite being quite clever and independent, her favourite place is anywhere she can see Mum, or adorably napping in her donut bed.

Tui also practices Scentwork, and this combined with agility has proven particularly useful for strengthening the bond with her and her Mum, making for the amazing team we see each week!

  • Favourite Treat: Sausage
  • Secret Talent: Impressing the kids at school and the pros with her scent work
  • Best Trick: Loading the automatic ball thrower with her favourite toys by herself!

Bowie, AKA “Starman”

Started agility in 2022, Breed: Rough Collie, Age: 2 years
About Me
Meet Bowie, our Dog of the Month for April.

Bowie is our “Starman” this month. A Rough Collie who is our very own Lassie at the club. And just like movie star dogs, Bowie is incredibly photogenic.

Bowie is 2 years old this month, competed in his first ribbon trial back in November, and has already notched up his second Jumpers C win at ribbon trials! His biggest challenges so far have been the tunnels, which we know are all dark and scary the first few times – but are now his favourite thanks to lots of work and determination – and the weaves, which according to his human he’s starting to get the hang of, except in competition when the next obstacle is more enticing (we can ALL relate, right?). He will do absolutely anything for chicken, however, so we are sure they will have them down in no time and be well on their way to reaching their goal of competing in the Senior class.

When he is not competing or training, he loves to play with his Frisbee, which we hear he can catch mid-air and enjoys any place he can bound around in long grass.

When it comes time to relax, you won’t find him far from the couch, whether that be curled up all nice and warm, or spread out when he gets too hot, which must be often with that luscious long coat of his.

  • Favourite Toy: Frisbee or Fluffy Tug
  • Secret Talent: Always knowing where the camera is and posing appropriately
  • Little known fact: Bowie refuses to walk on slippery surfaces like tiles or polished concrete if he’s feeling uncomfortable or stressed, making trips to the vet and groomers a bit interesting!

Cooper, AKA “Hey Pest’

Started agility in 2021, Breed: Heading Dog, Age: 2
About Me
You’ve heard of ‘A Star Is Born’ right? Well CCATS has our very own ‘Cooper’ who could just be our next Star.

Meet Cooper AKA “Hey Pest’ our February Dog of the Month.

Our Cooper, unlike the actor, is an enthusiastic and energetic Heading Dog, who has been with us here at CCATS for the last year or so. Cooper was a rescue pup and according to his human, agility runs in his family. They joined agility to “give the little workaholic a job” and because they both love learning new things. It’s no surprise then to see him tearing up the courses at training and recently taking home first place at his very first champ show.

Being very affectionate, Cooper loves to be anywhere his humans are, which is usually in the great outdoors of Aotearoa. When he is not out for walkies on the beaches, hills or mountains, you will find him napping away on the deck, mainly just so he can keep an eye on what’s happening on the street.

Back at agility, you will always find Cooper itching to get running and to tackle the jumps – his favourite obstacle because they don’t slow him down. On the start line he’s not the most patient chap – waiting and being still are HARD – and he’s known to whine like a squeaky wheel to tell you he’s ready! What a great communicator! Cooper’s next goal is building on his contact skills, and they are working doggedly (pun intended) so he is ready to take on a novice course. Congrats on your debut Coop and thanks for being part of our CCATS family.

  • Best Trick: Learning his left and right
  • Favourite Toy: Any tug toy, but they don’t last long!
  • Secret Talent: Jumping up to give his instructors kisses (he loves a surprise attack)

Teddy, AKA ‘Rahkantra on the hop’

Started agility in 2020, Breed: Swedish Vallhund, Age: Nearly 3
About Me
Meet Teddy AKA ‘Rahkantra on the hop’, our November Dog of the Month.

While they may have said back in the day that children should be seen and not heard – that is not what you get with Teddy. Teddy will always be heard before you see him running the course. He’s a little dog with a huge bark, telling you just how excited he is to be doing agility and his favourite obstacle – the Aframe. We also wonder if he may occasionally be offering his handler instructions or saying ‘Hey guys look at me and my shiny 3rd Place ribbons…that was just my debut… I’m going to make that a 1st soon!!’ – it’s a shame we can’t know for sure.

What we do know for sure, however, is this Swedish Vallhund is smart, assertive and determined to do well. Driven by a love of food and his favourite toy ball, we are sure he will find success at those EVIL weave poles – that he and others find most challenging – to reach his biggest goal of one day competing in Senior agility.

When he is not doing agility, you will find him splooting on the couch or practicing his secret talent – knowing exactly when his other mum is about to return home. Yes, Teddy is lucky enough to have two mums, and apparently has a favourite; We’ll leave you to work out who that is.

Using that active brain and bonding with his handler mum brought Teddy to CCATS, continuing his breed’s long association with agility. We’re looking forward to hearing and seeing Teddy smashing his goals – and telling us all about it.

  • Best Trick: Fist pump
  • Favourite Treat: ALL FOOD!! (except egg, egg is gross!)
  • Little-known Fact: Vallhunds were one of the first agility dogs to compete in NZ

Zinc, AKA ‘The Angel Boy’

Started Agility as a puppy, Border collie/heading dog, Age 6 this month – happy birthday, Zinc!
Sweet Natured
About Me
Meet Magic Rain In Sync, AKA Zinc (the angel boy), our October Dog of the Month.

A real show stopper, Zinc is incredibly handsome, photogenic and fast!
He gives everything maximum effort and in agility this means S-P-E-E-D. We are in awe of his start-line lead-outs, reliable contacts, and phenomenal m/s. He puts maximum effort into every obstacle.
He’s currently working on deceleration at the weaves and seesaw – for safety! And he’s got a total of 25 clear rounds and counting, each one a goal and a massive achievement according to his human. Next on the list is ADX – and he’s halfway there. Go Zinc!

You may know Zinc’s family, he’s related to Quick, Finn and Ali which is very special. He and Ali both like to tug and often tug together with the same toy. And the whole canine family lines up to lick the dinner plates – no food gets wasted in this household – but only Zinc has a taste for the spicy stuff!

When he’s not zooming through agility courses, he’s keen for work and adventure, whether that be collecting pinecones in the forest, Rally, CGC, CD trials, Flygility or daily long walks on the beach!

Lest you think he never rests, Zinc enjoys his time off with well-earned naps, belly and legs up, in the sunshine.

We’re not jealous – especially of those beach walks – not jealous at all 😉

  • Best Trick: Walking Backwards
  • Favourite Treat: Anything edible – he’s a foodie.
  • Little-known Fact: He loves finding his human’s scent cloth!

Tui, AKA ‘Princess Paws’

Started Agility February 2022, Smooth Fox Terrier, Age 22 months
About Me
Meet Tui, AKA ‘Princess Paws’, our August Dog of the Month.

One of the newest members in our CCATS family, Tui has made a splash – though you won’t find those ‘princess paws’ in a puddle – with enthusiasm and athleticism.

Tui couldn’t wait to start agility with her active and trainable human and has been enjoying the fun and challenge ever since. She’s known for completing a tunnel by running the full length along the top and is proud of herself for nailing those tricky weaves in six weeks! Her next goal is that first agility ribbon to hang above her bed – awwwwww. Look out for her chasing that ribbon down at the upcoming trials – we guarantee a great watch.

When she’s not doing agility, you might find her doing the laundry – yes, you read that right – she does laundry! Her best trick is carrying worn clothing to the laundry – WOW! And, she loves playing with socks from the washing basket. Hey, Tui – you wanna come to our place?

Tui has recently graduated to being on the couch with her humans. It has taken 18 months of persistent smooching of mum. Dad was a push over! You could also find her stretched out very close in front of the fire, playing with the big dogs, looking out the window for the neighbour’s cat to appear… in other words actively pursuing a great work/life balance. For example, she’ll let her humans know, by barking, when they are slow to take her somewhere – like our place to do the laundry (laugh emoji). She is also an accomplished multi-tasker, able to walk and howl at emergency services simultaneously.

Sorry dogs, Tui is in a long-term relationship with another Foxy, the handsome Bodhi-boy. Whilst both neutered, their humans are still looking for an Immaculate Conception.

We’ve got a few foodies at Team CCATS and Tui is no exception. Her favourite food is what you’re having – if that is not forthcoming – a piece of wood will do.

We CCATS have been enjoying getting to know Tui and now you can too!

  • Favourite Obstacle: Tunnels
  • Best Trick: Trick: Picking up worn closes and taking them to the laundry
  • Favourite Treat: Cheese!
  • Secret Talent: Can walk on her hind legs