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Useful Websites

New Zealand Agility Organizations and Web Sites

NZKC Agility Committee

New Zealand Kennel Club (NZKC)

National Agility Link Association (NALA), NALA’s monthly circular

New Zealand Flygility Dog Association (NZFDA)

National Dog Training Assembly (NDTA) –  (for 2011 anyway)

Young Kennel Club (YKC)

New Zealand Association of Rally Obedience (NZARO)

International Agility Organisations and Web Sites

Wikipedia: (nice images of the obstacles) Note: doesn’t show crossover ramps and claims it’s no longer used in US and UK! Dog agility worldwide has a long list of agility organisations. Flyball (known as Flygility in NZ)

Agility Dog Association of Australia

Teacup Dogs Agility Association (US)

Fun Links

Chelsea’s Agility Foundation Training — Chelsea Marriner’s send-up of agility training (and a real run as the grand finale).

OK Go “White Knuckles” video — rescue dogs and unusual agility tricks!

A doggy Christmas Surprise — very impressive display of Hungarian dog training and agility! (some of these dogs are rescue dogs too…)